I cry on sundays

I was talking with a beautiful friend of mine on friday afternoon, she asked me how often I cried and then she went on to describe her tears, the silly little causes of them and the result. At the time I couldn't think of when I cry. 

Last night, I had the indescribable pleasure of performing along side BEARDONCE in her first full length performance. She, is my beautiful friend Sean, an indescribable form and magnificent Queen. The grace, form and beauty that is exuded through Sean is just breathtaking. It's hard to describe the force of feminine beauty that comes through when Beardonce comes out to play. She is an inspiration, Sean is an inspiration. 

Sean's Mom flew out from Alberta to see this show, to be part of a project thats been building in Sean's heart for the last 6 months. She arrived to the space about an hour before the show went up, to spread love all over her son in a subtle and powerful way. I'm not sure if she realized, but she calmed all of our hearts. As the show crept closer Beardonce gave us a little pre show pep talk, mother came up behind her son, and as he spoke fixed her dress.

This moment, this one simple moment. My heart melted. This simple and powerful exchange between mother and her son, the incredible acceptance, wonder and courage of both of them in that moment - was nothing short of love. 

and so, it's sunday and I'm reflecting on a mothers love, and a mans courage and I am crying - crying out of gratitude for what it is to be a mother, what it means to be feminine and what it is to love. 

I realize also, that I cry on sundays. In subtle ritual, I cry. I don't necessarily know when or why or how the tears will be instigated - but I know my release comes on sunday and I am always grateful for my tears. 

Have a look at our final bow. All the love always. 

It was a monument.