August 2014 I quit my restaurant job. I made all the space imaginable in my life for Spirited Roots. Because I want it that bad. 

I began to work, to think about and to focus my time energy and trust on this project this dream of mine that I am actively building. Every single day, every thing I do is about Spirited Roots. 

Two things;  Time and Space. 

I want to talk about time. Logically we know that we all have to abide by this thing, this construct that dictates our lives our days and our productivity. Time literally was invented by the human brain during the budding of the industrial revolution - it gave humans a way to control and document productivity. Ok. Cool. Thanks. But now, Time.... This absurdly restrictive and controlling element of our society does just that, it restricts us. It demands of us certain things set by some kind of ideal that none of our generation seems to be comfortable with. Thank god, really. But Anna what's the point. Time. It isn't real, and time and SPACE are completely connected, intertwined, common law, doing it - all the time. They are inseparable. If you want something to happen, and because time is how we understand something happening we have to make space for that thing to create. 

Space. Literally, room. Expansiveness. Atmosphere. We have to make space, create a void. EMPTY out. What happens when your backpack is full? you can push and cram more things in on the side, but really getting that zipper done up and having that bag settle nicely on your back for the whole day is not likely at that point. So, you prioritize - make space. Take out what you don't need. So then, if you can take out what you don't need from your backpack, can you take out what you don't want from your life? Yup. You can. 

Are you scared? That's the next step. Your fear, and your fear is connected to time. Your fear is connected to not knowing, and quite frankly we are obsessed with this need to know, and you're just simply not going to know. Get used to not knowing. 

Ok time and space. I decided what I wanted. I decided Spirited Roots is my life. So I quit my day job. I waited until I had a just barely big enough client base to eat and just barely pay rent, but I quit my job. Money got tight, I got scared. I ate a lot of kale and tuna, and only kale and tuna. But, thats been part of my progress - humility - if we are not willing to seek out and get comfortable with humility then we cant very well expect great things. 

Business started to grow, so I kept listening. This process, this life is about risk. What do you want? Are you happy? What would it feel like to be happy?  What would make you happy? DO IT. 

Forget about the time and make the SPACE, because making space will automatically take care of its lover time and then, all of a sudden - you LAND. You land inside your heart, you land inside your body and your mind, well, it follows becuase it has no choice. Take yourself seriously. 

love you.