comfort zone

Do you underestimate your comfort zone? How would you define its parameters?

Mine looks like this: my house, my cat, my stones, my plants, my yoga - my lover, my work, my habits - my solitude.

My/mine as defined by my attachment to them, my dependance on them, they are essential components of who I am, they are all outside of myself, they create my safe space. 

Here now in Hawaii, away from all the things that I choose to create a definition for my existence, I find myself slightly confused, perplexed, sick (like actually), not entirely sure of much right now (I'm sure that having so much time in stillness and quiet with the furry of a full moon sea has more than much to do with all these musings) I wouldn't go so far as to say that I only know myself when surrounded by my things, but I would say that removed from my comfort zone I find challenge so much internal challenge within my being. I'm a control freak, seeking evolution.

My instinctual reaction to being outside my comfort zone is to lock up my heart and restrict my expression. Which is such a contradiction in this land of love, divine creation and the ultimate fire goddess PELE - I am sensitive to all the influx of vibration, and this temporary illness is a purification and recalibration of my spirit and my physical manifestation.

As I soften to this reality I create space for a shift, a healing.

How critical it is to our evolution that we push the boundaries of our comfort zones.