working through guilt

Take a moment to reflect on some on your agreements with yourself about; money, food, body and rest. You will be surprised at how many internal rules you have set for yourself about these (and likely many other things). You usually know when you have violated one of your rules, because when you do you feel guilty. 

Do you feel guilty often throughout the day or week? 

Guilt is something many of us are uncomfortably familiar with. For some it becomes a constant affair, how to digest compliments, when and how much to eat, I shouldn't have bought those trousers etc... I doubt I have to spell out all the guilt, its usually a feeling that comes flying back pretty readily. The thing about guilt is that it is a form of paralysis, and therefore you could say that it is the anti-thesis of transformation. You may have noticed also that guilt is generally preceded by periods of doubt, and just as guilt blocks transformation, so doubt suppresses realizations. 

 ( I would like to classify doubt:

1) Self doubt, a negating of your capacity to thrive, live and be successful - dose not serve

2) Doubt as an agent of contemplation and curiosity does. Believing everything we read, see or hear does not serve us, the capacity to hold an evaluative mind allows us to find our truth as it resonates within us. )

The next time you find yourself indulging in the grey, weighted frequency of guilt, I challenge you to find a way out. This path out will be different for everyone, and this path will become well trodden in the near future as you work to free yourself from a long standing habit of self denial. But I do still offer you this challenge. The next time you feel guilty, identify the sensation of repression in the solar plexus, the dimming of your light - notice its qualities. Now choose to pull this experience up into the heart chakra, visualize and see it moving up into the heart and feel it shift. P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. this. It will take time. YOU are worth the time it will take. 

If you need help ask, 

If you must follow a rule, let it be compassion