mind matters

I dreamt this morning about a girl I know. Despite how long I've known her, I know nothing about her. She had a particular face, and her behaviour I don't know what to make of it. 

I'm thinking and learning a lot about the mind these days. In particular the vast illusions of the physical eyes. I am a slave to my perceptions and more importantly my projections. I am, a master projector.

It has been made clear to me that I am not my projections, that I am outside of them feeding into their ideals, their imprint the habit.  As soon as I attach myself to a witnessed context, or define meaning to external circumstances I am projecting. Is that not what we do all day long? 

The aim I am being told is not to stop projections. But to empty the ego mind so as to see what in fact is truly there. What is truly there is nothing, it is empty.

Empty not in the sense of depleted or having no essence, but empty in the sense of having no mind and nothing projected onto it. 

.. I'm sure you can see that these thoughts are vast, they are beyond the scope of the regular because they force upon the consciousness the realization in a profound way that in fact everything is an illusion, a projection.

What happens when we start to work through a habit, when we deplete this habit of its power - We cultivate emptiness - 

So in the act of cultivating emptiness, I feel a little subdued - it's 1130am on a Thursday (an unexpected day off) and after my jog this morning I couldn't find anything else to sooth my heart and my exposed mind. Time to integrate our lessons is just as important as the lessons themselves.