The Douglas Fir, A king among trees

I received a text message this morning - it struck a cord in my heart - she was traveling this weekend along the coast. 

" I literally gave a giant tree a hug for you! Thank you for all that you are and what you do for people" 


I imagine she likely grabbed a doug fir. I have a number of favourite trees, for a number of different reasons. The doug fir though, was my first, tallest to climb. Stretching up 90 feet into the skies, above houses and gardens and driveways - above the minds of men.  There is freedom at the top of a Douglas Fir.  

Thank you for taking a moment with your heart, for my heart and that tree you chose. So much of me lives in and has become because of trees. Such a generous and tender gift you have given me this morning. 

love to you