Dear Anna, 

Are you listening? 

Love you, 

All your Crystals 

Why is it that we surround ourselves with stones and crystals?  Because, they make us feel good. They bring frequency to our surroundings, they uplift and invigorate. But here's something I often forget, these sweet earth charged powerhouses also TALK! Yes, not in a direct and linear language kind of way, but they will speak to you if you soften enough to allow for a message.

Its been an impactful day of story - people telling me about finally calling it quits on jobs that have lead them to roadblock after roadblock, breakdown after breakdown, and tears so many tears. Now there is merit to overcoming obstacles and sticking it through challenges to discover the courage inside of you - but when something doesn't fit, its gotta go. Find the courage to QUIT. Make a vast and empty space, the space must be cultivated and held, a vessel born to hold the prosperity that is to come. 

It is a challenge then to me, to you, to listen, to look and actually see what is there in front of you, what is there within you. Use your crystals, ask them, consciously listen and truly hear every facet of creation, including the people around you and most especially the voice of your own heart. 


Om Shanti