An exerpt

An excerpt of readings, prompting thoughts of expansion: The Rainbow Bridge 

Space is an entity. This brings us face to face with the fact that there are no absolutes. Nothing is absolutely so. We must consider points of view of a very long series of observers, from ourselves to some vast ultimate entity far beyond our comprehension. For all these observers, space is that which appears to be emptiness. We emphasize that which appears to be emptiness to a particular observer. It is that which is above and beyond, and which changes as the observer changes. As the vehicles become more refined, and the quality of the atoms of which they are built become of a higher vibration, perception changes and what had appeared to be emptiness is filled with a new level of being and inhabitants thereof. Each step is "life more Abundant" on the Jacobs ladder of evolution. It is at this point that the ancient statement of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, 

"that which is above is as that which is below"

states a law which is a necessary foundation for understanding. Space to us appears to be empty, but science acknowledges its fullness. In anything higher, there appears to be emptiness to that which is below it. So, the ultimate 'space' is not empty at all, but is filled with life, and is an 'entity' to which all things go in evolution, and from which all things proceed in involution. 

Space in its fullness contains all power, all knowledge and is everywhere present.