Mercury Retrograde Project

When mercury is in retrograde we feel physically, mentally and emotionally different, do you notice this? When our physical body calls our attention we need to listen to it. Your physical body operates autonomously with your mental body and in direct flow with the universal principles. If we simply follow the impulses and voice of the body we will be in constant peace and harmony.

Sounds great right? This is where working with the energies of Mercury Retrograde will work to our advantage. Spirited Roots has created an offering specifically targeted to enhance the healing opportunity of the Mercury Retrograde. 

Mercury is messenger. During retrograde we are forced to reveal that which was previously hidden to our internal and external landscapes. During Mercury Retrograde you get a lot of experience hearing your soul, which to most of us, who are not accustomed to hearing our internal voice as a powerful agent and guide, can find ourselves feeling heavy, burdened and confused. It is here that we must choose to let the heart override the head and watch how things lighten up.

Mercury loves you to be aware and free! 

The Mercury Retrograde Offering is;

Three sessions once weekly during the duration of the Retrograde 

May 19th to June 11th

your investment is


Upon your commitment to this offering you will receive by email the first portion of this the Mercury Retrograde Personal Project. You will be tasked with some internal work and journalling to discover what it is your being wishes to bring to the surface and heal during this Retrograde. This portion will illuminate the direction of the work as it relates to mind, heart and stomach

It would be an honour to work with you on this journey of empowering self through harnessing the power of Mercury Retrograde.

To commit to your self discovery, send an email to and we will begin the journey of deepening your soul conscious evolution!