healing into Personal Power

I am deep water swimming in a chakra cleaning series. each day focuses on a different chakra, moving up and down the rainbow bridge for 63 days. as I enter my third week, I meditate on the chakra of the day and I begin to see people, places and things that have held direct impact on the chakra at hand, which naturally need clearing. 

today, SOLAR PLEXUS specifically competition as  misuse of PERSONAL POWER.

we have a body a tool, a vessel through which we are granted agency and capacity. we have also a mind, again, a tool through which we are granted the capacity to create, imagine and source qualities and ways of being. these tools, can be understood to be just that, when their use is founded and grounded in meditation and work of the soul. it takes dedication, discernment, and conviction to cultivate mindful use of these tools. we can also use these tools to a deficit of our spirit and our communities. this I'm sure you have some concept of or understanding around as this information is not new, merely recycled and reprocessed through my seeking evolving mind. 

where does your right to beingness begin and end. at what point of power experimentation do you release your will while you are here to experience your life. your understanding of domination and power must quickly evolve out of the mind and into the heart - without this awareness you will actively afflict hurt on the people you share your sphere with. 

I am specifically called to share today as in meditation this morning two faces emerged in my solar plexus. two faces that deeply misunderstood the conditions for and implementation of power. both of which weigh heavy on my heart as in an act of faith much of my trust was placed in them, and an eventual corrupted power viciously gorged itself on the vulnerability of my being.

power given to a vessel not capable of honouring self and compassion is a recipe for deceit, violation and indignation.  This of course as you may be aware is a condition of being human, we are forever moving into and out of relationship that serve specific purposes, that serve a specific lesson. how do we transcend then, out of what may have become an obsession in competition, and a plight to reassert your personal power, to take back what you accidentally handed to someone out of wound, habit and weakness. 

we look at it. deeply. we acknowledge the ugly shame and guilt that fly silently next to our wandering path. and we feel it, drinking clean hot water, we allow mindful movement within our energy body. this work is not required to be dramatic, this work is required to be authentic, based in the simple foundations of kindness and a willingness to heal.

I urge you then, as you sit feeling into your wounds to allow the twitch in your feet, to allow the hot tears running down your cheeks, to let the belly react, the cough to stir the choking spirit to be released through your body. I urge you to experience this sacrifice to learning, and to allow it to pass through you to be released from you.  

this process of healing externally afflicted wounds gives you direct permission to tend to the fire of your solar plexus. this allowance of vision into shadow excavates a path for light. this willingness to honour yourself as an evolving being births a new strength to your personal power. a power that is based in heart, that is based in forgiveness that is a true and deep honouring of self. Honourable acts of personal power are always and in all ways kind. 

if it is not kind, it is not truth.