co-worker curiosities

He looked at me and said “what is it that you do, aside from climbing trees?” I hope you don’t mind me asking, I’ve just finished my master’s degree and will become a pastor in the Christian faith this year. I am a deep philosophy student; I’d like to ask you some questions.

Initially I panicked a little, uh oh… are you putting my magic on the stand? What follows my honesty, my execution?

What is the point of the work you do? Peace. Ultimately the point of the work is peace.

How do you get someone to that point? Good question, I guide them based on their understanding of their current reality. Through the magic of their intention we begin to devise a path which leads through the mind, deep into the layers of soul and into the heart, towards peace.

What do you tell someone they will achieve by coming to see you? They will begin a relationship or deepen their relationship with Self, with their internal pulse with consciousness.

Ok, the introduction is done. He asks;

Do you believe in good and bad? Oh this is a big question; This question I would suggest the appropriate answer is dependant on your condition and your reality. The path of spiritual evolution has many facets, many levels, many layers of integration. Beliefs, ideas, theories are relative and fluid. The aspirant must be willing to hold ideas that shift and change as one evolves. Therefore, there was a time that I believed in good and bad. I held this belief because I felt victimised by those things I deemed wrong, bad or evil. At this point in my path, looking back to all the ‘bad’ that happened to me, I have a deep sense of peace, gratitude even for the ‘bad things’ the ‘evil things’, ‘the truly awful things’. I would be hard pressed to say that bad actually exists in my life, I rather would suggest that life is an evolution through and beyond chaos, our mind the conductor of that experience. If you do not understand this, don’t worry – perhaps one day you will.

Ok, what do you think about war? I am saddened by war. To think of war and the profound levels of suffering currently being experienced on our planet, I am deeply saddened. WAR. Is perhaps a condition of attachment in the mind, born of a society that has misplaced its conceptualization of wholeness. Instead of wholeness being an emergence of Self through self, we choose to develop Self through conquering; grades, relationships, clothes, houses, cars and the list goes on endlessly and forever . . .  War, emerges within each of us daily, on minute levels; war against the self, war against love. We then move into feelings of anxiety and depression, convinced and controlled by these ideas, thoughts, beliefs that for some reason we are taking for fact. Forgetting that the mind, is our own personal consciousness to be defined by our evolving Self….

Let us move for a moment into a concept I became familiar with a couple years ago;


Come with me, let us zoom out from our planet, travel in the minds eye to outer space. Looking back towards earth we see, we FEEL, this incredible living organism of green (heart chakra), blue (throat chakra), and white (pure light); LOVE, VOICE AND PEACE. We are, in this moment capable of grasping the pure essence of our planet – a planet that is perfect and at peace. Meanwhile, volcanoes are erupting, earthquakes shake and redefine land masses, tsunamis cleanse pieces of land the ocean has missed for decades. From outer space we can see that this is a process of a living being, we can understand that she is alive and being herself.

Relate this to your mind for a moment, to society, to the concrete world. . . . . . take victimization out of your conceptualization. Be bigger than the beliefs that hold you tied to being small.

But, then there are people suffering because of these catastrophes. People are dying, injured and orphaned. These experiences are nightmarish, awful and life altering. But, our Mother Earth, did she do it to hurt us? No. She is a being alive and well living through her cycles. She breaths, moves and shifts through DIVINE INDIFFERENCE. Can you breathe in that concept for a moment, and feel the peace that lives there? Or perhaps you think I’m crazy, and totally off point. That’s ok, I don’t mind.

War then, is a global condition born of a mind polluted by limitation.

What do you think of war I then asked of him; and the words that limit spilled from his lips -  



Bad choices ... 

In that moment, I wondered if he felt limited by his understandings or if perhaps for him his words held the same potency as my own do for me. I suppose one day I’ll have to ask him.

and my pizza was cold and our work meeting resumed.