Evolution of Radience

It has not been an easy spring, spirits are discovering temporary evolutionary limits and minds are putting up a fight. When we pay too much attention to the way we think life should be unfolding, we get sooooo incredibly stuck... Discouraged... It's like telling the Universe her plan is not the right one, and she backs away... We feel abandoned by our dreams, and we begin to question our purpose.. 👁 .. I am not convinced that just because we are called to a destiny, that the path is going to open with ease. 

The road to evolutionary achievement is not an easy one, and it comes with a lot of spiritual work. We can not expect to receive just because we want it. 

On a soul level, we want certain things because they are going to force us to evolve - they are going to force us to do spiritual work, they are going to force us into the fire, through the fire ... and on the other-side of the fire, there may be a meadow, or, there will be another fire. The fires of transmutation, the fires of karma, the fires of spirit. 
When we are finally brought to our knees, when we are finally done telling the universe what we want and how we want it - when we surrender - then and only then will we hear, will we see the path, will the fires calm for a time. 

Are you on your knees? Are you ready to be silent, to observe? To trust, to really honestly without an ounce of fear or hesitation let go? Let go of everything. 
The universe, She wants to paint another painting for you, She wants your permission to direct your course. So now, you must cultivate authentic obedience. This my sweet sister, is hard work. 

You start, on your knees. Finding, somehow within yourself gratitude, for all you have. In gratitude you gently, compassionately, let go - gratitude first, reverence second, abundance will follow