spiralling beauty

I am spiralling beauty,

in the twisting I can see the pieces fall.

my fingertips outstretched to grasp as my eyes witness an unbecoming.

the sorrow that turns inward and switches on my living.


I am spiralling,

blind to the difference between truth and truth.

I won’t deny either,

they are both and all shedding qualities of light

over my radiant evolving body.


a layered body.


I am cloaked in fur.

ancestral furs.

she told her to wait, a genetic line of waiting.

wait for her, wait for her to wake.


it’s a mess a little.

this way of being in my world.

I have so many loves.

I have so many ways of being awake,

I see the world I breathe her in contradictory patterns.

but I am here with her.

Standing and reaching + screaming.


I let her let go of me. every day I wake and I let her,

let go of me.


I hold a seed bed of cravings deep in my womb.

it quivers and writhes in anticipation of release.

a being almost of her own, I have little control over her.

her breath seeps up my spine calling Venus forth in the all of me


I let her go.

she moves in and through me chasing desire chasing me.

I let myself be cloaked in her truth her vision + light.


Oh my god, words whispered eyes lit on going deep


Oh my god


Yes. You see

I feel you seeing me.


The fountain.