Do the work that is needed now

Ok I’ve got a big beautiful message for you.

We've been in this place of yearning for quite sometime now, and we are just beginning to be on the receiving end of a massive shift we instigated almost a year ago.

There are moments in time and space when clarity reigns supreme. In those moments all we have to do is jump into the current of wild and pain, because there is greatness on the other side of, and greatness because of, the vigour of that current.

Its true, we fall into second guessing, we take hold once again of the river bank climbing out of the unknown and back into something stable and comprehendible. But guess what. You have to get back in the river.. and do it all over again. And that’s the point.

Get up, get out, go back, sit down, forgive. Stand up.

Forgive the fact that you are learning about boundaries, that you are learning how to be a woman in the Aquarian age, this is a kind of woman that has never existed before.

Do you realize that?

We’ve never been this way before. We have never had these requirements of duty, never before a call to stand and rise up from a place of conformity and subjugation in this way. And we are just exiting a season of fire and heat, like over watered tomatoes exploding off the vine, seeds laying splayed out and roasting on the soils beneath us.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I keep hearing this whisper, a She so powerfully demystified that I recognize myself in her grace. It isn’t until I have been so completely emptied of all things common and habitual,  rendered surrendered at the feet of a Self I am craving to love, that I realize so profoundly how close I am to truly recognizing this life’s potential.

I was visited by ghost this week, early Wednesday morning. She sat herself on the floor of my kitchen, her legs pulled up to her chest, wearing a tunic of the pioneer age and a hat covering her crown. I blinked a number of times just to be sure I was awake and not dreaming, she remained. I told her she could stay, but that I was going to back to sleep because I had to work early in the morning. She nodded and said thank you. Returning her third eye to her bend of her knees. I’ve been sitting with her visit now, I’ve met her before. Sometimes she's more forward about her messages, and notifying me of her presence, other times its just as simple as it was on Wednesday. But she, a visitor from a previous time, I could feel her pain – I could see the stories that bound her to a way of life that was restricted and denying. She was not free, and yet she did the work any way. She did the work that the time called for. She worked the land and she served, meeting an energetic requirement of the ages.

So, I thank her.

Because I don’t have to do the work she already did. I get to use the foundations she set and choose something elevated and free. Why do again the work that has already been done?

Are you wondering why?

Why you can’t get out of this routine habit of weight and self sabotage? Have you asked who’s weight it is that you are carrying? Have you sat still for three days, through anxiety, depression, restlessness, refusal, rebellion, apathy and ambivalence – long enough to pass through to the edge of certainty?




Empty out your vessel.

Let your mastery find you and carve its way out through the cracks in your weather worn heart.

Don't do again the work that has already been done. Because this is a new time, a new age. It was created for you, because of who you are. This time is yours.

This is your becoming…