in the belly of the eagle

Ok, here’s a little authenticity from Annalise –

Welcome to 2018, Same you – Be kind.

I had an incredible group of women to my space yesterday to Breathe into big release. It is such an honour to be trusted to hold space for such vulnerable and profound transformations. At the end of our session we sat to chat about their experiences and naturally progressed into talking about the upcoming new year.

There has been so much on socials about 2018 being the year of the butterfly, and to be completely honest I am just not feeling it. I’m not feeling it on a number of levels, but, primarily I do truly feel that the work, our work just started. As a collective our rising has just in the past six months truly come to fruition, this my friends in my humility, is just the beginning of the work.

The initial coming out of our truths and stories paves a way in noise, flutter and chaotic shouting; a coming together of a big yell into the FINALLY of the Feminine taking shape on the planet. But what comes after this big YELL? Initially the exhale, a big sigh, a stretch of limb and mind into the possibility that equality on our planet is on its way. The thing is that we are, (though still yelling), going to be entering the phase of healing of bricks and mortar, the cellular regeneration of our physical, mental and energetic bodies. This is the part that is going to take the work. This is the part where Forgiveness has to take a predominate roll in our everyday experiences. This is when we actually have to start practicing what we preach, practicing what we dream, because the imagination is now the womb, and so what you think, what you say is quite literally going to manifest.

The part of the work that is going to require the most consistent practice is just dawning on us.

One of the woman said “yeah like what if we are the Butterfly that gets eaten by an Eagle?” My mind was blown. OMG! To be a butterfly eaten by the eagle, to be of service in that way.  Forgive me if this part gets a little too far out there for you, but maybe – you’re on the same page.

So, we basically just went through one of the most difficult years in history. The 45th is president, there is war all over the planet, polar bears are dying, we are not doing a great job at reconciliation, women are claiming space in a way we never have before; which is kind of a constant trigger, and you had your own world of experience on top of all of that.  And because its January 1st there is this idea that in a day, overnight our experience of ourselves and the world is just going to change. I will tell you right now that I am a believer in miracles, I am a believer in magic wands and instant healing and manifestation. But, I am also a realist and I do know that in order to get to that point we need to do some work.

Now hands up, who wants to be an Eagle? Soaring up into the heavens, feeling air, seeing forever, living for just about as long as humans do, eating omega 3’s and sitting in trees. Sounds like a dream.

Eagle Medicine via. Kael Klassen


Eagles are a totemic symbol of spiritual illumination, of healing and creation.

Eagle has come to you with guidance, as strong and insistent as a heartbeat, around what you are, or potentially aren’t, seeing.

You are being called to exit the shadows and soar to new heights in order to have a clear vision of the bigger picture.

This is applicable not only to your own heart, mind and spirit, but also to the heart mind and spirit of every word that you choose, every action that you take, and every relationship that you nourish with all of creation here on earth.

Eagle calls you to rise above the confusion and heartache of the mundane so that your heart can be open and filled by light.

It is from this higher vantage point, this way of expanded and intuitive living, that you can learn to love the shadow just as much as the light; to see, if not the beauty, the necessity, purpose and balance of both the light and the dark.

Now close your eyes.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Imagine yourself soaring high above your life picture and then, using your spiritual vision,

What do you see?

What is missing?

To fly with Eagle can be both exhilarating and dizzying;

Move gently, no sudden movements, as you accustom yourself to flying higher into your truth.

Now, that is something to give way to. To be in service to your greater good, to your evolving spirit. It can sometimes be a challenge to imagine or feel or know how to come into your fullest being. Often times we need to connect into something that is greater and outside of ourselves to do just that.

And so I adopt the idea that 2018 may in fact be the year that we all sprout wings and fly off into the truth of our complete existence, but I also just think that my butterfly may still be in the larvae stage and need to spend some time in the belly of the Eagle.

What I mean by that, is to be in service to something greater. To be in service to the ultimate, to be in service to the universal field, god, source, love however you conceptualize of that great awe that lives outside of you. It is a year of continued and feverant work. On bent sober knees, prayers spilling off lips and hearts gushing open in total oneness with divine truth. It is a year of perfecting our relationship with the divine that is in you, the god in your belly, in the belly of your god.

So how am I going to do this?

Rigorous honesty to start – with myself, I will allow what doesn’t work to slowly fall away and what works to grow roots.

Silence and Stillness – a daily practice of complete silence, sitting still. Observing my mind, and emptying it. To calm the chaos of our external work we must calm the currents of the mind.

Breathwork – I heal so much every time I commit to this active pranayama breath.

Writing – I am going to write.

Compassion – in all ways, always

This is where I am going to start. It is from this point that I am going to continue my healing. This is my willingness to be of service to the great awe that exists outside of me. So that in turn, I can be of service to you.

I love you