expansion and contraction

Expansion and Contraction; a natural experience along your spiritual path. 

As we progress along the spiritual path we will have moments of deep beautiful and enlivening creativity and motivation like the veil has lifted and your confidence reservoirs have been instantly refilled and life feels like everything is about to get on purpose

But then all of a sudden, out of nowhere like the self sabotage we all know and love... just kidding... we get caught up in its opposition and the old habits we are trying to move beyond... its as though those old nasty habits and experiences come back times ten! Or sometimes, they are completely different and kind-of send you into a bit of a nervous flurry, wondering what the heck is going on.. help!

This is a natural and common reaction of the personality system to your spiritual progress and the likely upcoming permanent shift you are working towards. Your personality/ego mind is panicking because it is all of a sudden loosing control as you move into such a profound and deep desire for change and elevation. Your ego can no longer see or make sense of a future limited by your past limitations and ideologies, this is the experience of contraction. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including but not limited to; temperature changes in the body, extra sensitivity to energy fluctuations, energy build up in chakra centers, negative thoughts, lack of motivation, crippling fear, withdrawal, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, anger and all those very normal human indicator emotions pointing you towards spending more time figuring feeling yourself out and integrating your process, your evolution. 

This is normal! 

Breathe a big sigh of relief, in my experience when there is expansion there is, as natural law states, a contraction that will follow. When we have spent a good amount of time being, feeling and engaging with our world in a particular way and then experience a sudden onset of bliss and light our ego/personality can create a fear based reaction in the body - it's kind of like an 'are you sure you want to grow?' 'are you sure you want to leave the comforts of ego behind' 'remember how comfortable and familiar it is to hold onto our pain bodies..'.. It's like an ego check stop, 'its not too late we can still turn back!' These are common experiences, and an opportunity for you to move through and past the weights that have kept you stagnant. 

My suggestions for working through this little, temporary and trick of the mind slump: 

1. Lay down once or twice a day, summon a pure and clear white light and invite the energy to move through you via the top of your head and clear out whatever doesn't belong to you, and whatever is in your best interest to release at that moment. Usually it will run for a few minutes, maybe up to 20 and then stop, and you will feel more relaxed. 

2. Work with Ganesha - the associated mantra is 

om gam ganapataye namaha

Ganesha is the destroyer of obstacles, sit in meditation with Ganesha, and develop relationship with this mantra to help guide you through this experience, this deepening of your spiritual practice. You can sing the mantra, or speak it, allow it to move through you. 


3. You may also ask your guides, to slow the process down a little bit for you if it is feeling too overwhelming. Sit into meditation, silence the mind as much as you can, and summon your soul - in gratitude, thank your guides for their assistance in your transformation, but, ask that the transition be a little bit gentler. Always in gratitude. 

You are doing some incredible Soul work my friend, here is a good place to start - 

Keep the faith, and keep doing the work!