sitting for tea

Our sometimes makeshift lives can have us feeling any number of different things. Rooted in old stories and patterns of anxiety, judging ‘doings’ and ‘not yets’... Cultivated silence lends to allowing time and tea leaves to settle. There is a beautiful unison (a uniting tension) in our makeshift becoming. Gather to your center, magnetize your bridge and continue building your hope.

I sat for tea this morning with a friend.

I was given the ceremonial tea pot on borrow, and have two bowls for sipping.

I have yet to gather a proper tea pot, and serving carpet and some of the other perfectly detailed notes that pull together, to make a ceremony of sitting for tea.

I did it anyway.

I over poured the first bowl, and let tender tea spill over sides while pouring the second bowl. The pot from which I poured hot water spat droplets out, as fire heated hot metal does in relationship with water. Serenity still found us.

I think my favourite bowl may be number three, there is such wisdom in bowl number three. As I gazed down into the gentle amber colour and settling leaves at the bottom of my bowl, I was instantly magnetized by a magic that was present there. To a settling galaxy, suspended in a container gently held in the love of my hands. There was an empty space at the center of the collection of possibilities, and there was a subtle force, a uniting of tension, a drawing inward from the core of the bowl, and the particles of tea were responding to the vibration. To the frequency, set and poured by my heart.

I could feel the neutral vibration of faith in that moment.

I could feel the reality of all the multi layers of human experience that are expressly and divinely cultivated by that which, is at the core. That there are no ordinary moments, that there are no ordinary acts, of service or otherwise. That everything in goodness and otherwise is serving a magnetized force.

That force, the center of the force

Is you.

You and your relationship, with your internal cosmos.

That’s kind of a big deal.. I completely agree, and likely entirely ineffable - as most spiritual experiences are.. and it is entirely too easy to look back into the books of times past and judge our manifested realities.. Trust me I have many stories to go back to, sift through, and could rub criticism into the elbows and joints of those tales endlessly.. But to what end, if then criticism becomes the center… because as we do we are becoming. We want to become holy evolved, from times of great sorrow with grateful hearts. In the witnessing of our shadowlands, deep within our internal continents we do not have to stare blankly at them in confusion and disillusionment, allowing old records to play into old stories of living life smaller than was intended for us. But rather, we can sift into their depths in reverence, for the awareness of seeing the path, of feeling the journey that has brought us to this incredible moment, to this deep forgiveness, to this awareness.

In this awareness we are free.

Free to align at the center of yourself and trust in the magnetization of your greatest possibilities.

So then I ask you, how do you meet with your internal cosmos? When do you shake hearts with love?