martyr to manifestor

We need to give credit where credit is due, and I want us to give deep gratitude and reverence to our lineage. We, I imagine mostly all come from a good solid line of devout catholics (to varying degrees), but it’s likely that they were so unbearably devout, that the truth was reserved for the confessional and knowing you were likely to do penance for it, in the end, you would just eat your turkey and keep your mouth shut. Which didn’t make for much of an open and artistic household. But, I’m not here to take your parents inventory I just want to talk about changing your life.

Being a martyr is living a life of falling prey to the trick of the wild and loose Coyote. Coyote is an incredible trickster (a tool once we boil it all down), and most of us unless you were born buddha are slaves to an overactive mind, until we source our Coyote bait. I am about to make this recipe really simple for you

  1. Be clear on your intention - Be mindful to set intentions from the heart rather than the mind. If they are too specific and don't leave room for magic, the true unveiling of your path and direction in life will be hidden. Too much coyote in your intentions can leave you dancing around your dreams but never really getting them home and in your kitchen. 

  2. Sit still -  Ultimately we have to make many attempts at sitting still before we succeed in our stillness. Which is unbearably obvious I know, but it’s true. Try and fail, and try again.

  3. Decide that you are done living a consequential life.

So there, there’s the big ONE. Decide you are done living a consequential life. Because in a consequential life there are no angels, there are patterns and habits and forced ways of being that have landed you time and time again comfortable but, not quite happy. This kind of living has landed you with all the ‘things’ you want, but not the internal peace you crave. Its has garnered you the approval of whoever it is that offers you an umbrella of guilt, (that is likely so subconscious at this point you don’t realize it)… so you’re satiated, but you’re just not happy.

Living consequentially goes hand in hand with co-dependency. Co-dependancy keeps us tethered to the same umbrella as that one you’re toting around up there. Living in the decisions of other people, living in the love language of other people, living in the politics and world views of other people. You can have a good life living like that, you can be happy, because happiness can find you anywhere but you just might not be on purpose. Ultimately you are the only one who can know.  So then, we have to move into some deep self reflection.

The signs are no longer in the sky. They are alive, well and moving around inside of you. How do we go from disempowered Coyote to empowered Coyote?  There is one simple answer to this question.

Make the decision to live a non-consequential life

The following is Coyote Bait - We bait our Coyote with its own medicine - mindful interruptions for tricks of mind, a pathway into our golden temple hearts.

  1. Notice Coyote mind, ask yourself to be made transparent to yourself  (not a request for the faint of heart) to really see your distractions; taste them, eat them, be devoured by them. Be revealed to yourself through your distractions. Your life will be made very clear to you in this process, and you will need to have some support set up for you on this journey. I suggest; breathwork, gong baths, yoga classes, meditation etc..

     2.   Repeat this Mantra: Everything is always working out for me  

     3.   When the angels start showing up, and I guarantee you they will, let them help you.

That’s how you do it. That’s how you start to shift out of a life of martyrdom and into a life of manifestation. Once you have the shift rolling and you’ll feel it, you will be well on your way to creating the life you have always dreamed of.

Turn the light on and shine it inside, that’s where you are.