If spirit wanted to talk to you, how would you know?

If Spirit wanted to talk to you, how would you know? 

If Spirit was talking to you, what level of volume do you think you would need until you put the linear mind aside and came into communication with your Soul? 

These are fundamental questions and therefore, essential answers for how you move forward on your spiritual path. 

I am going to share with you the top three methods Spirit used to get my attention. These are the "Um, hello Annalise! We are trying to talk to you and you're not listening!" Which usually only happens after an extend period of time away from my center. 

1. My body : I am a very physical person, I love to work outside be active and exercise. If I have not been getting soft often enough to feel my truth this is where I will feel the fist knock. 

- To be honest, I have grown accustom to this one - so when I am heavy into my personality based living I can find it easy to keep ignoring this method of communication. I can easily push through physical symptoms.. which is obviously, not a good idea and I could save myself much turmoil if I clued in at this stage. 

2. Money : This is my big and loud, its time to wake up zone. Money, in particular a lack of money, despite all my best efforts to keep the flow. If fear has been running the show for too long then money starts to become almost untouchable. Which, my goodness is no fun at all! 

- Money, and the coinciding mental pattern: but I'm doing all the right things, I'm working two jobs, I'm meditating, I'm creating, I'm taking risks. I'm showing up in the world for myself and other people. I guess I just have to keep working harder... more more more... ugh.. oops! because in that clinging to the idea that I am on the right track.. I am pushing away from source, my guides and from truth.. so I get less and less and less and less.. 

3. Sleep : Now here is my HEAVY HITTER, lets face it who can cope in life without sleep. Absolutely not me. If I cant sleep at all, I know I'm in desperate need of deep and soulful connection with my divine resources, guides and the great awe. 

(*The Great Awe translates into; god, source, divine flow, universe, etc.. however you conceptualize of that which is your expansion beyond human body parameters) 

- In particular when this occurs I know I am close to surrender. Often there is a full moon close by and my shadow self is being completely illuminated. During these sleepless nights, there is usually a feeling of complete letting go. I will lay awake, without anger. I feel like thats Spirits final straw attempt included with a hug, a little reassurance that help is literally right there just waiting for my hand. 

It has taken me some time to figure out what my obvious "Spirit is desperate to talk to me" cues are. These are tactics that Spirit engages when I have gotten quite far away from mySelf. When I am integrated in my Soul and Body experience I hear Spirit in a multitude of other much more gentle ways, through the animal kingdom, feelings, visions, books and the active use of the 4 Claires (clairvoyance, clairesentience, clairecognizance and  claireaudience). 

In my experience gentle communication with the Divine grows and develops over time as we listen to the more obvious methods of communicating. (We can talk about developing those another time!)

So I am curious, how would Spirit get your attention? 

Do you think that you could start listening to Spirit when the volume is at a decibel 4 rather than at a 10? Are you willing to dive a little bit deeper into your softness to develop a deep and beautiful relationship with your soul? 


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