Notes on Breathwork

He asked me to tell him the science behind his experience.  The why, in awe of his own vastness, as he allowed the experience to continue to merge with physical reality.  There was so much to take in, so much about me to see, I have never tapped so deeply into the foundations of my daily reality.  To have access to that part of my psyche; never been able to release to that degree, to bring that kind of awareness to the experiences of my childhood, to allow that much surrender to fills the cells of my entire being and to intuitively forgive my mis-belief of unworthiness.  I get it.  I get why this is so important. 

It is an incredible practice.  An active relationship with your breath, as it originates and rises in the core of you.  This work, guides you into deep connection with your truest and most profound healing.  It unifies the elements of being human: mind, body and spirit.  Bringing you fully and consciously into contact with your powerful subtle layers and the innate healing wisdom of your body. The why is simple, by engaging in pranayama breath we are changing the environment in our brain from carbon dioxide dominant to oxygen dominant.  When this happens the hypothalamus is activated, it controls the body system, and when the body is turned on there is only one thing it wants to do.  It wants to heal, and heal itself it can. 

Through the breath you come into contact with the the space that surrounds you, the space that holds you contained and free to be greater than your wildest imaginings.  Are you curious and wondering how, how is this possible? 

It requires two things; willingness and oxygen 

Imagine the end of August, off the coast of British Columbia.  The rich smell of summer forest the lull of ocean tides lapping at your feet.  You step into vastness, tenderly walking into the sea.  It is night, and you can see the most miraculous event - Phosphorescence.  A twinkling glow of green and blue, gliding off your skin, illuminating the space that surrounds your physical container.  You, feel this witnessing of energy all around you.  It is an experience like no other, your sensory perception is keen and innately curious, a melding of a somewhat supernatural and physical experience shared with these suspended algae friends.  You feel magic, because to your ordinary eye you are seeing something cosmic. 

Breathwork connects you to your cosmic blueprint.  You wont be able to see your subtle body in the same way you would phosphorescence, but you will feel your blood cells lit up with oxygen, and it will feel like joy traversing through your entire being.  It is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  It is like life becoming itself, and I am in love with that life. 

So I can tell you why, but I cant make you feel it unless you come willing to breathe, to breathe a witness to your physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.



 I am willing things to be much more magical, and so much easier than I can imagine - David Elliot