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This course is a chance to explore your healing nature.  What does that mean?  We are going to use willingness, truth and intuition to cultivate a life that you feel totally and completely in love with!   It is an opportunity to be nurtured, inspired and held through your healing journey, however new or experienced you are.   

As human beings, we are holding the collective fabric, the very psyche of our planet.  There are some tears in the patchwork, and our stories can help to heal those holes.  Our work together here is to reclaim parts of ourselves that may have been left behind.

These small cracks in the patchwork leave us with feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and a compromised sense of well-being.  Our wounds are not our fault, but they are our responsibility to heal.   This course will take you gently into your soft and secret places, revealing and healing old stories that influence your choices.  We'll bring gentleness and faith with us and watch the shape of our lives change.  

This journey will bring you into connection with your internal rhythms, and you will discover the essence of who you are.  

So come, join me inside. 


      * Topics we will cover 

- How to change your relationship with anxiety 

- Build courage to set and maintain boundaries that nurture and support the life you want  

- How to start taking responsibility for your heart and your life, in the easiest ways 

- Support during times of transition, finding the magic in big changes!  

- Building a relationship with your Intuition, your Felt Sense



- Weekly 75 minute LIVE group call + Breathwork Healing *that will be recorded if you can not make it live

- Contemplative assignments, to do on your own time

- 15 minute daily meditation provided, to do between group calls to support the work 

- Private Facebook community


Our course start date is WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 19th at 5pm PST