Work with me


You are at the beginning of a beautiful part of your life. When you start asking yourself some really big questions, that give rise to a life force within you that is strong, empowered and uniquely yours.



Intuitive Healing 

A 60 minute dive into the subtle layers of your auric field. Revealing stagnancies that wish to be elevated and transformed, setting you free from ordinary confines of habit.  These sessions will leave you feeling deeply connected to your heart and attuned to your creative desires. Move deeply inward with guidance to discover the truth and beauty at your core.  

These sessions are available in person, on the phone or via zoom. 




Breathwork allows for deep emotional release through gentle facilitation. It alleviates the sensation of being stuck in your life; thought patters and or limiting beliefs about what your life can be like. Breathwork creates within you the emotional pathways that allows you to begin to open your heart and receive love with a depth you have never experienced. Breathwork through this opening of the heart allows for the release of strong emotions like grief and anger.

Breathwork sessions are also available via Zoom.



Conscious Conversations

Therapeutic conversations and mentorship. Guidance and support during times of transition. Support if you are working with depression, anxiety, fear, self doubt, lack of self-esteem or confidence or feeling paralyzed by your emotions. A conscious conversation pulling on a lifetime of practical and spiritual life exprience. 

These sessions available in person or via Zoom 



Sound Healing Sessions

The sound frequency of the Gong quickly drops the mental system into Theta waves bringing deep relaxation to your nervous system. The vibration of the gong throughout the body begins to arrange your cells one by one, completely releasing the body of physical, mental and emotional pains. It is a cleansing process for the subconscious mind, it is effortless, and the benefits are infinite. 

These sessions available only in person