21 days of Breathwork

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21 days of breathwork (1).jpg

21 days of Breathwork


21 days of Breathwork

August 1st to 21st, Everyday including the weekend

The Basics:

  1. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself in active meditation daily

  2. The seven minute active breath will begin to rewire your brain

  3. We’re keeping it simple and really easy to make a powerful and lasting impact on your mental and emotional health with just 15 minutes daily connection.

Why 21 days?

21 is an amazing number, check this out;

Looking at the number 21, we see that 2+1=3, which in itself is a magical number being the first number that broadens our perspective with a new dimension. Add this to the fact that 21 is 3x7, with seven being one of the most sacred numbers, and we start to understand something of the significance of the number.

It is no coincidence that the age of majority in many countries around the world was traditionally held to be 21, when, figuratively speaking, the person reaching this birthday was given the “Key to the door” symbolizing the responsibility of adulthood was well as an initiatory “unlocking”.

We are using 21 days to create a new habit and cause a shift in your world. Unlocking old patterns and broadening our perspective with new dimension. It may seem hard to believe, but your healing can be as easy as committing to the breath. If you commit to the daily experience you will feel a shift in your centre core.

How will it work?

You will be given access of a private facebook group. The live daily breathwork will be at 9am PST. If you can attend live great, if not you will find the video at your convenience posted in the group. You can do the breathwork at anytime throughout the day, but do try and do it every day.

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