A recorded response to the following question:

“Why does my body and head start to tingle and how does it work to bring up such intense emotion? It’s very intense when it’s building, and such a welcome release once it moves through”.

October 14th 2019

In last nights Virtual Breathwork Healing, the undeniable message coming through was: stop playing small. The less you are available to your inner world, the less you are available to the world around you. 

 What are your own personal limitations? I know you think about it and understand because you are committed to your personal growth and expansion.  It takes a remarkable amount of courage to want to step beyond the status quo, and you feel a calling inside you that says  ‘I want more.’ You feel the crunch of choosing old patterns every time you do... 

Identifying your limitations is the first step and not being controlled by them (step two) is the up-level.  What does that mean?  It means you are on the precipice of a miracle.  Theres a miracle in following through for yourself, and maintaining your power by actively choosing change because, let’s be honest, so much of what you know and understand falls away when you step into something new.  

 You are being given a divine leg up.  

 Remembering that as we move into and through change we will still have to hold both sides but the awareness and clarity of holding both in your strength gives you the opportunity to see clearly.  Holding both grief, shame, fear, insecurities AND that which is completely beyond you, creates a softening into the space that holds possibility.  Get lost in a lack of definition, let go of how and lean into trust

 How can you do this?  Be aware of the opportunities, gut feelings, and visions that come to you, as they are all incredibly relevant.  You are being asked to return to your place of creation, wisdom, and truth; the space of your heart. Remember, there is always resistance to change on some level.  Noticing yearnings and choosing them opens the path for clear awareness of what to let go of now.  Letting those things go gives you the opportunity to connect to the lessons they provide and the opportunity to let the old become the compost of the new seeds and intentions that you are planting for yourself.  Honour your life during this new cycle including all of the old stories no matter how negative they may feel. Then, with neutrality, let it all go so that you can rewrite your story with a new perspective and positivity, new characters, and a new storyline.

If you’ve been thinking about it. Do it.  Your spirit will protect and support you in taking this step, you will open up avenues for the universe to bless you with all manner of resources and assistance.  Believe in yourself. 

A message from Spirit, 09/26/19

The path you are taking needs to twist and turn a little before your success can come.  There are certain elements that need to be integrated, certain people that need to become involved.  Trust in this.  It will happen as a natural coinciding if people, opportunities and events, according to a divine plan.  It is all working out.  So let go of the details and facts as they appear to be, even just for a moment.  Don’t forget that behind this world of forms is the creative energy of love.  Love is like water.  It will wear away any obstacles or carve a path around them if needs be.  It will always prevail.  

A Ritual: Place one hand on your heart, and take three slow deep breaths, remind yourself to be centered in your heat rather than your head.  Tilt your third eye above you, bring yourself extra light so you can see a clear way through any struggle and find your footing on higher ground.