Frequently Asked Questions

+ What can I expect?

You will arrive for your session as you are but you can expect to leave the session feeling unburdened, peaceful, connected to yourself, relieved, and like you can handle what life has to offer you.

As you may be aware, the mind and the heart are often engaged in battle, keep this in mind as you prepare for your upcoming session. Spirited Roots healing is heart work - and your mind may kick up a fight. Some feel a little nervous before sessions, this is a natural response as our work begins the moment you book in - which initializes the receptiveness to healing and can cause some nervousness as the ego mind realizes it is in for a little reality check.

Our goal is to stop letting the fear win. You and I will sit and talk for few minutes identifying the focus of our session. Then, you will lay down on the bed, and our work together will begin. The first task; grounding you into your body, then we will move into the pranayama breath*, if we are doing breathwork and if we are doing an intuitive reading, you will remain in more of a yin state of relaxation- you will move through a number of different sensations in the body as you do your work, all of which will be witnessed by me, in turn allowing their release. The final phase will be total rest and relaxation. You will be in direct contact with your soul’s essence and feel the bliss of your possibility.

+ What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a gently facilitated pranayama breath that allows the conscious mind to temporarily take a back seat to the wisdom of the body. Through focused and committed effort to the breath you are able to transverse your ordinary patterned thinking and move into a space of physical, emotional healing. Connecting you to the blueprint of your soul.

Breathwork allows you to deepen your connection to yourself, coming into contact with who you actually are and building the emotional framework to support your dreams.

A positive side effect of this work is a deepening of your intuition and you will start to embody an alive and sacred life.

+ What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is the ancient yogic practice of controlling the breath. This is the foundation for sourcing life force energy. It is through the use of a three part breath that we control the flow of life force that allows us to access the deep recesses of our emotional body in order to facilitate a deep release.

+ What is Reiki?

Reiki (universal life force) energy goes wherever it is needed and works to return your cells to their original condition. Reiki is a gentle, light touch healing method that soothes your nervous system, balances your energy centers and quiets the mind.

Reiki treatments are ideal for relaxation and deep rejuvenation and supports the healing of more serious illness like cancer or neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia.

+ How should I prepare for my session?

One week before to your session:

I will send you an email and I will encourage you to begin to connect with your body.
Examples of what I might ask:

  • Pay attention to the more predominant emotions of the week.
  • Identify if there are recurring thoughts and themes in your day.
  • Think about your energy and how connected you feel to it.

Note: Instructions vary depending on the time of the year and astrological positionings.

One day before your session:

Avoiding drugs and alcohol 24 hours before our work ensures clarity and efficiency of the work during the session. Drinking tea/coffee is ok.

After the session:

After sessions is a great time to get creative; connect through writing, dancing, singing, drawing. Do what you love to do, express yourself. You will feel very alive!

You will likely be hungry! Treat yourself to a meal that you love, deeply nourish your body and enjoy every single bite, eat in gratitude for the work, the processing and the healing you have just done for your body, mind and soul.

I also suggest drinking a lot of water - double your regular daily intake

Take a bath or a good long hot shower. Let yourself continue to relax.

Avoid mind-altering substances as you will be extra sensitive to their effects.

+ I don’t know what I need to do?

Just show up, "how you do one thing is how you do all things" - come, ready to commit to the pranayama breath knowing that on the other side of the effort is a beautiful peace.

+ How do I know when I’m ready for a session?

You are ready when...

  • you are done trying to control your life and you realize that ordinary methods of living are not getting you the results you want.

  • you are willing to let your pain, sorrow and struggles speak to you and are open to hearing what they have to say.

  • you are willing to feel fear and do it anyway.

  • you keep thinking about booking a session. If booking a session comes to mind a few times a day or a week, it is time.

+ What’s a good reason to book in?

You don’t need a “good” reason. A simple desire to focus on yourself and a willingness to show up for your session is plenty.

There are seasons to every life, and some demand more of us emotionally than others: a bad breakup, a big change, lots of stress, and boredom.

Sessions are very helpful during stressful times. The work will help you reconnect with yourself if you’ve become scattered or are feeling lost during times of big transitions and change. Sessions are great for the times in your life when you’re feeling stuck, you don’t know how to move forward or what steps to take, sessions can help to clear the confusion and direct you right into your next move.

For instance: breakups, exams, work deadlines, difficulty in relationships, stress, creative stagnancy, boredom, confusion, overwhelm, heightened sensitivity, difficulties with family dynamics, physical pain, depression, anxiety.

Let’s be clear: you don’t need to be under significant stress to book a session. Sessions are also a celebration of life and an opportunity to anchor in new energies. Sessions are a great wayt to do something meaningful for yourself after you’ve just achieved something significant. Perhaps you want to get clear on your next steps personally, or you want to reconnect and feel balanced as you move through a big change. These are all beautiful reasons to book a session.

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+ What are shadows? How do I interact with them?

We all have shadows.

They pop up from time to time to surprise us because they are typically hidden away from the conscious mind. Shadows are the parts of ourselves we find difficult to understand, so we push them down and ignore them until they come up aggressively seeking air. Ignored shadows can often lead to chaos and confusion in all areas of our life. In a Spirited Roots session, shadows are acknowledged as a way to teach us more. Shadows hold great power and wisdom, we can learn a great deal from them if we take the time to lean into their lessons, holding space for the discomfort that sometimes comes with their surfacing.

Shadows can manifest in our lives like as:

  • Repeating relationships patterns, and addiction to anger,
  • conditioned habits of self-pity, self-sabotage, control issues,
  • feeling stuck,
  • unable to move forward in your life,
  • hating your job,
  • inability to clean your space/room, constantly finding yourself in social situations that make you uncomfortable,
  • patterns of the same mistakes; at work, in relationships, along your spiritual path.
  • Not being able to show up for yourself or make decisions.

There are countless ways that shadows keep us in the corner which is why working with them is essential.