Work with me

Spiritual work for people breaking through. Expertly facilitated by Annalise a decades long energy practitioner.


Intuitive Healing 

A gentle healing session that will provide you with; clarity about where you are blocked and needing more focus so that you can move forward in your life.  These sessions will leave you feeling deeply connected to your heart and creatively inspired.  Move deeply inward with guidance to discover the truth and beauty at your core. 

These sessions are available in person, on the phone or via zoom. 




Breathwork allows for deep emotional release through gentle facilitation. It alleviates the sensation of being stuck in your life; thought patters and or limiting beliefs about what your life can be like. Breathwork creates within you the emotional pathways that allows you to begin to open your heart and receive love with a depth you have never experienced. Breathwork through this opening of the heart allows for the release of strong emotions like grief and anger.

Breathwork sessions are also available via Zoom.



Let’s Talk

Therapeutic conversations and mentorship. Guidance and support during times of transition. Support if you are working with depression, anxiety, fear, self doubt, lack of self-esteem or confidence or feeling paralyzed by your emotions. A conscious conversation pulling on a lifetime of practical and spiritual life exprience. 

These sessions available in person or via Zoom