A Habit of kindness

Your Healing Toolkit


A Habit of Kindness is designed to be used as support between our one on one & group healing sessions or as a catapult during times of transition.  

We are so accustomed to being comfortable and when things start to reflect the work we are doing spiritually change starts to affect the shape of our lives,  we get uncomfortable. It's that time between, as a new normal is beginning to come through for us.  

The Habit of Kindness cultivates the gentleness that allows for a release of the internal clinging to ideas and expectations made in our mind based on fear; the things that keep us stuck.  The mind will only take us so far in transition and then the heart must play a bigger role, the heart must carry us through to the other side because the reality is the mind can not fathom the possibility that exists beyond itself.  That is the mystery of transition, we want more, we cant see it, we don’t know what it looks like or feels like but we crave the other side. A Habit of Kindness provides the framework for holding your own hand when things get tough a connection to Self so that you know what you feel, you know what you need and you can take action, asking for support with clarity, setting foundations that are congruent with the direction of your vision. 

These tools will support you in staying true to your vision and grounded in your truth as you move through spiritual, mental and emotional change. 

It equips you with all the tools you need to get unstuck and moving forward with your life.  In a gentle and heart supported way. 

A habit of kindness