Bring light to your life
Redefine your relationship to yourself and your world
 Let go of playing small

Spirited Roots healing sessions guide you through any stage in life. Book a session when you’re ready to expand, take responsibility, feel your own strength, move past challenges and into a life you love. 
Spirited Roots healing meets you where you are in your journey. Uncovering your next steps towards feeling connected, strong and abundant. Spirited Roots initiates and cultivates within you your own internal tools to keep you grounded, feeling light and whole in both your inner and outer worlds. 


Your Guide

Annalise is the guide behind Spirited Roots. She works with your body mind and spirit to release tensions and limiting beliefs. She holds space for you to surrender to the wisdom of your shadows and encourages you to find your light.


What women say

If I could define in one word my experience with Spirited Roots, it is release
In letting go energetically, I’ve come to a place where I can better understand myself, address inner and outer conflict from a grounded perspective, and be fully present in my life. 

- April


Work With Me


Spirited Roots combines a counselling background with expert holistic practices. Sessions are soulful, engaging and unconventional. You leave feeling inspired and grounded. 


What women say

"Time spent with Anna is a transformative healing journey. Annalise is a healer to guide the unveiling, traversing each little thing, the entire truth into your modern world." 
- June

feminine healing for a new age