About Annalise


let me be a witness, to facilitate a transformation, to witness a becoming

Spirited Roots healing is about reaching deep into the the cosmic imagery that makes up your present reality, and to cleanse the frequencies of those spaces. By targeting the energy systems of the body which hold the illustrations, attachments and emotions that form the foundations of your experience, we can release you from feeling stuck, stagnant and wondering where to go next.

Together; you and I in combination with breathwork and visualizations will move you into harmony with your truth, your purpose and your gifts. 

Spirited Roots simply combines my counselling background and expert holistic practices into a creative and attainable session that is unconventional but engaging and will leave you feeling inspired and grounded. 

come find the beauty that is you

* * *

Why am I a Healer?

Plain and simple I had enough hurt, anger, pain, grief and sorrow in my early years of life to drive me into something deeper. We don’t come to healing because life is easy, beautiful and we have everything we want. We come to Spirituality and Healing because we are at the end of the road, we’ve tried everything else and nothing works; exercise helps a little until you’re still looking at yourself in the mirror with the same kinds of judgements. Eating healthy helps a little until you still feel lethargic and unmotivated. Yoga really helps, but then there is still a little something that is blocking you. You want something more, you know you can have a little bit more and you just don’t understand why you can’t get it. Why you can’t feel good, why you can’t really love the people around you, why you can’t love yourself.

Then, and only then. When you are crawling on your knees, when you are seeking so wildly in your mind for answers to your troubles, to your pains do you turn to healing. Maybe you hit the bottom a few times before you actually let the pain point you in the direction of energy work.

I grew up in Calgary Alberta. I had a picture perfect family. I was going to school and dancing as much as my little body could handle. I had it all and I was in a lot of mental and emotional pain. I knew at a very young age that life was painful and was mostly just going to be a lot of suffering. You’re not going to get what you want, so just do what you’re told. So I danced, with every ounce of anything I had, I danced. I danced myself into eating disorders, and ended up hospitalized. In my teenage years I started using drugs and alcohol to numb the inherent distress I felt in every single social situation, but don’t be fooled I was unbearably uncomfortable when I was alone also. My creativity was completely stifled and I thought boyfriends would make it better, which only led to very violating experiences physically, mentally and emotionally. Having not given myself the space (at that time) to feel into knowing and allowing myself to be gay, growing up in a heavily catholic household most certainly did not help. So this, compounded the self hate and drove me deeper into my-self hurt patterns. I cycled through like this until I was 24. Then I came out of the closet, sexually and spiritually.

I was hurting enough, I had been pushing my body so hard for so long to be something different than I was and I finally let myself love a woman. This created a softening within me, and started to open the gate to my Healing. To love a woman, She was at first outside of me, but soon this capacity shifted and I was able to start to love myself.

This opening began my road to deep spirituality and healing. I started to read healing books, buy crystals, and pick up feathers when I saw them on the ground. I started to allow the visions I would get just looking at someone. I let myself feel other people. I allowed myself to know things that were otherwise impossible to know - deepening my connection to my intuition. I turned inward and started to listen to the beating of my heart. I started to let go a little bit of the control I had over every little part of my life. I started to pray and meditate, to cry to allow myself to feel everything I had kept bottled up inside me my whole life.

Why, do we seek healing. Because we are hurting, because the ache at the center of our being is so profoundly vast and we keep falling into her treacherous ruts. Because we see something in the crashing ocean waves that we want, because we feel something of grace and power when we look to the mountains, because when the rain falls we are cleansed.

Because we know we need it. Because we want it. Because it is the reason we are here.

To heal
It is forever evolving