The change is entirely and completely up to you. 

What if in just 6 short months you could go from confusion to clarity by simply using your breath & your heart?

An Honest Transformation;

from confusion to clarity 

This 6 month healing journey gives you the opportunity to untangle the complexities of your little ‘self’ story.   It’s going to get genuine.  To be genuine means to be actual, to be true, to be sincere and honest.   You will share about your hurt and anger and use it to build a new relationship with yourself.  You will be gentle.  You will need your whole heart for this.  You will work to release the mental attachments to ideas and expectations you have built around your fears, about who you are and who you’re allowed to be.  You are going to stretch your mental and emotional reach, so that more possibility can filter into your life.  You will find new ways to weave the intricacies of grief, pain and love into the tapestry of your life.  Bravely exploring your inner landscapes. 

The mind can only take you so far in your healing and then your heart must play a bigger role. The heart must carry you through to the other side because the reality is, the mind can not fathom all the possibilities that exist.  That is the mystery of transition and healing, you want more and you courageously move towards it.  

You will develop the emotional intelligence to support yourself in relationships, at work and in the real world. 

Because of this work, you will know what you feel, what you need and will be able to take action; setting healthy boundaries, asking for support with clarity, and setting foundations that are congruent with the direction of your vision for your life.  


Work With Annalise

She is passionate about your healing.

This work radically shifted the direction of her life and what she was able to believe was possible for her. She offers you this experience as an expression of her love and devotion to the healing path.

This healing journey will be the beginning point for you and the rest of your life. The time before your healing and the time after.


Rufina said:

This about her experience working with Annalise

“The connection I had with Annalise began prior to our encounter.  I came across the phrase "leaves no stone unturned" in her bio and was instantly drawn; these words turn out to be the truest explanation of my journey with her, above and beyond.

The only way out is through.  Annalise is a healer, a facilitator, and a graceful witness. Her guidance, both nurturing and grounding, led me through the most pivotal, life-changing, soul-transforming, heart-expanding, and truth-revealing moments of my life.  She is gentle, warm, compassionate, patient, intuitive, encouraging, and profoundly respectful. 

Accepting her offering is a self-uncovering an exploration process - a journey of becoming.  You'll embrace meeting yourself in every corner within yourself, connecting the dots of your essential nature, and finding meaning in moments from your life that you'd least expect.   As you walk into your shadows, through the challenges, you can't help but keep on stepping and leaping forward all the way, even in the darkness, as her presence is a glowing light for you to follow.  Ultimately, it will all be revealed to you: she will guide you home - acceptance, kindness, safety, trust, freedom, sunlight, breath, life. 

My experience with her was nothing short of, magical”. 

How its going to work:

You will have twelve 1:1 healing sessions with me. You will move through all three healing modalities Breathwork, Intuitive Healing and Conscious Conversations.  Together they facilitate an expansive and tangible journey of self development. 

  • Conveniently book your sessions online, once every two weeks.  

*if you are keen you can schedule your sessions once a week 

  • Three Half Day Intensives valued at $1665 

  • 12 1:1 Sessions, Valued at $2100

  • A Habit of Kindness online Breathwork Support, valued at $88

  • Monthly Virtual Breathwork Healing + Recording, valued at $132

  • One complimentary 1:1 session for a spouse, valued at $175

Total Value

$4, 160


$3, 333

*Payment plans available, email to inquire

from confusion to clarity using your breath 

Registration Deadline December 31st!

If you don’t live in Vancouver we can do it all over Zoom!

Do you constantly feel like you make really big, beautiful and sacred progress, things get smooth and sweet and then out of nowhere.. it all falls apart again. Its an endless cycle that only has one solution.  Healing.  When you take the time to make the journey to the centre of your wounds, (identify the beliefs you don’t know you have, have always had and know take the wind out from under your wings..) and you see them with honesty, you work with them instead of against them, you heal them, your life automatically becomes; intentional, peaceful, and illuminated - your whole world changes. 

You find yourself. 

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling peaceful and excited about your day.  Your to-do list is full of things you love doing and self care is built right into your everyday because you know how to put yourself first… Imagine always feeling ready for the next opportunity coming your way.  

The truth is, I know things can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be  like this for even one more day.  You can take a deep breath, feel into your heart and move forward with action.  You can live free, focused and intentional no matter how uncomfortable things are for you right now.  

An Honest Transformation is a 6 month inner journey to your essential nature.  From confusion to clarity, using the courage in your breath and the wisdom of your heart. 

Step into a state of being self aware, peaceful and illuminated. 

You are going to cultivate a relationship with yourself that allows you to live in alignment with you heart, creativity and vision, all the time. 

You will be guided through an inner journey that will build your confidence and your ability to trust your body, instincts and intuition.  You will know how to get from confused to clear in any situation. 

You will have the emotional intelligence and self awareness to move through life peacefully, authentically, and totally feeling yourself! 

This is how you get unstuck

you reach