unconditionally you





One month of guided introspection + breathwork to guide you toward healing your life.

Healing yourself requires attention, vulnerability and bravery. It asks you to see exactly who you are; the good and the challenging parts of your thinking, creating, and acting human mechanism.

Breathwork provides the pathway and opens emotional doors so that you can discover what lies underneath the pain; habits, anxiety and judgements that you wake up and go to sleep with.

Introspection gives you space to question as much of yourself as you are willing. This opens up the opportunity for you to know your emotions, to dissect the origin of and actually understand why you keep creating the same life experiences over and over again. Clearing the space for you to start gently making life-altering changes.

Looking, seeing, acknowledging, holding, accepting, loving, releasing yourself into your future self.


Virtually in the comfort of your favourite quiet space.
In-person sessions are available with additional coordination.


You pick your month and commit to the work.


The simple answer is because there’s more. There’s more life to experience, more love to feel, more laughter, more energy, more of you to expose, love and understand. There’s just so much more to your Being-ness waiting for you to uncover.

It’s already been a long time, you’ve spent a long time being curious about something, about anything else - it feels like ‘anything’ because you often loose track of who you are and wonder if you’re just a creation of marketing, the people around you and the imprints of your parents—or is your life really the one you want to be living? Are you the You you want to be?

You’ve started your healing journey and are looking for the next step, the step that includes all of who you’ve been and who you are to Be. You are wondering how to make lasting change that is a reflection of your heart, how to live more authentically, how to be unconditionally and fully You.

You’ve been working with me already and want to continue deepening your journey. Meeting yourself where you are and pushing through the boundaries of what you thought was possible for you.


Four 1:1 Breathwork healing sessions personalized and structured just for you.

One 1/2 intensive consisting of a good honest conversation, tea meditation and a breathwork healing. These 1/2 sessions are revealing, grounding and expansive.

Daily Journalling because research shows that writing things down is a powerful tool to re-wire the mind. As you are writing stay present and focus on the words and emotions those words bring up. This practice alone is life changing.

Book recommendations and support from me.


Did reading this cause a stirring in your chest or belly? Did you have an emotional reaction; positive or negative? Did you feel your body? These are all communications from your nervous system, they are signs from your intuition, your subconscious, negotiations between your heart and your head. Its good, follow the inspiration and this moment of bravery click to apply!

Space is limited to six people per month, so don’t hesitate to secure your spot in this journey together.

*If you have any questions please ask!