About Annalise



Annalise has been a Healing Practitioner for 9 years.  Her desire to Heal first started as an unavoidable need to give back to community.  In time this giving turned back to herself and she started to heal what mattered the most inside of her.  Her teachings and tools are an offering to the world of what worked for her healing.  She teaches from first hand experience and leaves no stone unturned.  Her work is grounded, realistic and inspiring.  Working with Annalise re-connects you to the pieces of yourself you have been yearning for;  She guides you into a healing relationship with yourself, because at your core you have all your answers. 

Together; you and I in combination with breathwork and visualizations will move you into harmony with your truth, your purpose and your gifts. 

Spirited Roots simply combines my counselling background and expert holistic practices into a creative and attainable session that is unconventional but engaging and will leave you feeling inspired and grounded. 

Why am I a Healer?

Plain and simple I had enough hurt, anger, pain, grief and sorrow in my early years of life to drive me into something deeper. We don’t come to healing because life is easy, beautiful and we have everything we want. We come to Spirituality and Healing because we are at the end of the road, we’ve tried everything else and nothing works; exercise helps a little until you’re still looking at yourself in the mirror with the same kinds of judgements. Eating healthy helps a little until you still feel lethargic and unmotivated. Yoga really helps, but then there is still a little something that is blocking you. You want something more, you know you can have a little bit more and you just don’t understand why you can’t get it. Why you can’t feel good, why you can’t really love the people around you, why you can’t love yourself.

Then, and only then. When you are seeking so wildly in your mind for answers to your troubles, to your pains do you turn to healing. Maybe you hit the bottom a few times before you actually let the pain point you in the direction of energy work.

Why, do we seek healing. Because we are hurting, because the ache at the center of our being is so profoundly vast and we keep falling into her treacherous ruts. Because we see something in the crashing ocean waves that we want, because we feel something of grace and power when we look to the mountains, because when the rain falls we are cleansed.

Because we know we need it. Because we want it. Because it is the reason we are here.