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An introduction to RITUAL TOOLS for cultivating conscious space within yourself and your environments.

This workshop is a point of origin for deepening your spiritual practice with the assistance of ritual tools. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence to move into the wisdom of your own personal ritual medicine. How to begin to deeply connect to your heart that you would move grounded and mindful through the fluctuations of this, your beautiful human experience.

Co-Hosted by Annalise Sullivan and Sara Jade of the Dharma Temple

Highlights of the Workshop:

* How to build an Altar
* What and how to cleanse yourself and your space
* How to work with cards + intuit their deeper meanings.
* Deepen your connection to Mother Earth + explore the mineral kingdom through Crystals; an introduction to crystals and other earth medicine.
* How to use journalling to prompt deep soul searching and find your own answers
* Yang Meditation: Breathwork for clearing your energy field
* Yin meditation, for getting really quiet and self nurturing. 

May Love find you, everywhere

Earlier Event: October 5
refining light : trusting intuition
Later Event: December 19