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Breathwork, Calgary

Meditation, dialogue and Breathwork

Breathwork is a three part Pranayama Breath.  Pranayama comes from prana, meaning vital energy or life force, and ayama meaning extension, direction or freedom from restraint.  So, "pranayama harnesses the vital energy and consciously moves it through the body's subtlest channels"

Breathwork is a gently facilitated pranayama breath that allows the conscious mind to temporarily take a back seat to the wisdom of the body.  Through focused and committed effort to the breath you are able to transverse your ordinary patterned thinking and move into a space of physical, emotional healing.  Breathwork allows you to deepen your connection to yourself, coming into contact with who you actually are and building the emotional framework to support your dreams. 

This active breath experience will take you on a somatic journey through the body out of the mind and into connection with your subtle self through a theta brainwaves.  It is a powerful, regenerative and inspiring healing modality. 

"Breathwork has changed my life,  healing can be as easy as the breath, its true!  Rebuilding the foundation of trust in my life is my greatest accomplishment to date, the side effects are blowing me away!  Annalise's work is truly inspired and will leave you feeling like your best self; peaceful, creative and connected to you own Self Love, its the best!" - Chantel 

Later Event: July 11
New Moon Healing