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Virtual Group Breathwork

Remembering Presence
& how to choose

My most recent experience with grief was a significant catalyst to identify the true course of transformation. Truth, Honesty and Courage.  Knowing the truth brings clarity,  clarity identifies your choices, and action on choice creates change.  Choice is the crux, in particular the choice to allow depth of experience.  Deepening into relationship with the night of the soul so that when you wake, you’ll have the courage to see what Spirit has brought, and step into immersion with what is. 

Using Breathwork we can find the clarity of mind we need to see through the patterns of behaviour that trip us up.. Those deeply seeded beliefs, emotional patterns and choices that have us convinced of and living in our limitations. Breathwork provides the framework to be able to identify with yourself beyond the confines of limited mind and connect viscerally to the potentiality that is at the centre of your being. The experience of deep knowing opens an infinite number of new doors for the trajectory of living. It is not the experience of the mind that grows us, but rather the connection to that which is divinely and purely you. The stretch of your heart felt inside every cell of your whole entire body.

The Moon will be visible in the sky around sunset, and will set around sunrise the next day. It’s the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long.

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Virtual Group Breathwork